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C o s p a i a C o c k t a i l s (13)

Signature (14)
Bombay Sapphire gin, Basil, Lime, Honey & Pepper

Italian Flavour
Disaronno, Lemon Juice, basil, Chaudfontaine sparkling water

Dark and Stormy (14)
Gosling’s, ginger beer, lime, angostura

Litchee Time
Vodka Eristoff, Strawberry puree, Passion fruit juice, Litchi Syrup

Green Passion
Eristoff vodka, melon liqueur, Passion Juice, lemon

La vie en rose (15)
Champagne Piper-Heidsieck cuvee brut, elderflower, rose, strawberry

Apple Martini
Eristoff vodka, liqueur of green apples, lemon juice, passion

Cucumber crush
Eristoff vodka, fresh mint, cucumber, lime, passion, Schweppes ginger ale

All classic Cocktails available (mojito, caipirinha, daiquiri fraise, pisco sour, cosmopolitan, gin fizz, daiquiri, margarita, sour Whiskey, bloody Mary, martini dry…) 12

The Gin Tonic Mix

Elixir (13)
Bombay Dry gin, Elderflower liqueur, Pineapple, Schweppes Premium tonic

Brise du Nord (15)
Nordes gin, mint, strawberry, Zest of lemon, Schweppes Premium tonic

Violetta (13)
Bombay Sapphire, Liqueur Violette, lemon juice, Schweppes Premium Tonic

Queen (14)
Bombay Sapphire, Agrume, peperfruit, Schweppes Premium Pink Pepper

Basilika (14)
Bosford Rosé gin, fresh basil, red fruit, Schweppes Premium Hibiscus

Hight Peper (14)
Hendricks gin, 2 different peppers, cucumber, Schweppes Premium Pink Pepper

Monkey (17)
Monkey sloe gin, zest of citrus, blackberries, Schweppes Premium Tonic

C o s p a i a M o c k t a i l

Ginger Mojito (9)
Mint, sucre de canne, Lime, Schweppes Ginger Beer & chili

Maurice (9)
Infusion of cucumber, Schweppes ginger Ale, Lime and passion juice

Seedlip Gin And Tonic (12)
Seedlip nonalcoholic Gin, agrum, Schweppes matcha, mint and laurel

Sun is Up (9)
Strawberry puree and juice, watermelon, passion juice